Thursday, June 15, 2017

Visiting the Hansen's June 2017

Since Rainier has 3 day weekends, we decided to take a trip to see my sister, Jenni, in Utah for a few days! It was busy and so fun! Heidi got less sleep than she's ever had, but she was just too excited to play with her cousins. She adjusted pretty easily when we got back home thankfully. Jenni's husband Josh had to work every day we were there, but he was able to go in earlier and come home earlier so that was nice that we still had time with him!

Prep for the trip: dropping Sophie off at my parents' house
I was so worried that she would 1) forget who we are, 2) break my mom's tiny dog, and/or 3) hurt my parents somehow with her hyperness. She definitely wore them out with how much she loves to fetch, so she was ok! When we got back to her she was SO happy to see us! Which is weird because at home she doesn't care at all. She is usually standing at the back door with a toy in her mouth when we come home. My mom texted me pictures of Sophie playing with Brando (her dog) while we were gone. 
"Hey little dude, can you let your mom know I'm ready to come back inside?"
Day 1: Travel day with Chick-fil-a and meatballs
The first day was dedicated just to getting there because we didn't know how Heidi would do in the car for a longer trip like this. She hates it. We stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-a and it was around her normal nap time but we were starving so we risked it. Turns out it was a great idea! She ate a ton and she FINALLY figured out how to use a straw! Yay! Those applesauce pouches they have helped I think! She was so happy to drink her milk with a straw and it was nice to not have to pour it into her mouth. She napped as soon as we got back into the car. When she woke up she was angry until we arrived. We got to Jenni's place around 5ish and she made us delicious meatballs for dinner. Oh, and after dinner is when Heidi said "eye" for the first time. She was standing about 5 inches away from Noah and she pointed directly at his eye and said very loud and clear, "EYE!" Haha it was so funny! After dinner we played with their Virtual Reality games. IT'S SO FUN. I really want these games but 1) they're expensive and 2) I would play with them too much.
We are pretty big fans of Chick-fil-A now that they've come to Vegas!
We had to take a selfie in the really pretty gas station bathroom! You never see those!
First time playing with the Virtual Reality games!
Day 2: Moana, Splash Pad, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Oreo Cheesecake, Beauty and the Beast. Rainier woke up early so that he could go ride his dirt bike for a few hours. All the YouTube videos he watches about dirt bike riding are in UT so of course he had to bring his bike and go. Jenni and I had a lazy morning at the house while he was gone and for lunch we had GIANT salads. That's just how Jenni does them and it was delicious. Rainier came home as we were making lunch and he said he had fun. After lunch we watched Moana (my first time!) while the babies napped. Heidi napped in my arms and it was so nice! I love that she's not too old to sleep on me. After everyone woke up, we went to the splash pad. It was HUGE! Utah knows how to do splash pads! At first Heidi didn't like it but then she got used to the colder water and she loved it. Kaden and Noah brought water toys and Heidi loved to fill their cups with water and dump them out. When we got back we (I) made baked sweet and sour chicken and fried rice for dinner and we had homemade oreo cheesecake for dessert. It was perfect. I wish I could eat all of that every night. Beauty and the Beast came out on DVD that day and Jenni and Josh hadn't seen it yet so we got it and watched it that night! It was late, but it was fantastic. Heidi fell asleep in the middle of it but she stayed asleep even though she was still in the living room. Perfect.
Heidi had to explore their books.
Forts are a necessity.
Noah and Heidi are only 4 month apart! He calls her "eye-di"
While I was showering Heidi said, "BOO!" So cute! I'm glad Jenni got a video of it!

They played in this castle thing the ENTIRE weekend!
My baby napped on me during Moana! Yay!

The boys are so cute in their swim outfits!
Heidi kept drinking it of course.

My favorite photo of the entire trip! 
This one's pretty cute too!

Homemade no-bake oreo cheesecake is the BEST.
Here's another video of the kids in action with the castle!
So sweet! Getting ready for Beauty and the Beast!
Put something on the floor and the kids go crazy.

Day 3: Feeding the ducks, Thanksgiving Point, Cinderella
Around 10am we went out to feed the ducks at a nearby park. The ducks didn't want to eat (it wasn't for lack of trying on Heidi's part) so we just played at the park. Heidi LOVED going down the little slide. We came back to the house for lunch and then headed out to Thanksgiving Point. The babies napped in the car because it was 45 minutes away. We went to the Curiosity Museum in Thanksgiving Point and it was AMAZING! My brain could hardly handle everything that was going on! Heidi was a bit young to understand any of it but she still had tons of fun just running around saying "Whoa!" at everything. She liked the water room the most. We stayed there for a few hours and then had dinner at a cafe. We came home and played more virtual reality games. There are so many! Rainier played a "scary" one by himself for a bit. It was literally just walking around dark alleys until someone jumped out and killed him. He said he got motion sickness from it. Since we couldn't hear anything he could hear it was just weird to watch on our end. The other games were really fun though. There was one game we played where the one wearing the virtual reality helmet had to smash things with their head, and while Rainier was the one smashing everything, he accidentally threw his head forward and diagonal enough to knock Heidi down! It was so sad! She didn't get a mark from it though but it was loud! My poor baby! From then on we made sure no kids were within at least 7 feet of the virtual reality player. At one point during the night Kaden was sitting on the floor and Noah came up to Jenni and pointed at Kaden and said, "Lap?" Jenni said, "You want to sit on Kaden's lap? Go ask him!" Noah walked over to Kaden and asked and he said yes so Noah planted his chunky booty on Kaden and then Kaden immediately said, "Noah, you're too close! I can SMELL YOU! Get off!" It was hilarious! Oh, and since Jenni had heard that I haven't seen the new live action Cinderella movie, we had to watch it of course while the babies fell asleep. It was so cute!
Walkin to see the ducks!
Typical Frost family photo.
Heidi's hilarious faces while she went down the slide.
I was hoping she was big and brave enough to go down the slide by herself but not yet! Maybe in a few months!
Some of the different rooms of the Curiosity Museum
This wind tunnel thingy can go up to 85 MPH! So of course that's what Rainier put it at and scared Heidi to death.
Her favorite was the water room and being outside!
She wasn't sure about the ball pit but I knew she couldn't run away!
They were surprisingly not tired when we got home!
These silly kids. I told Kaden that sometimes when Heidi is still wide awake at night I would tire her out by telling her her feet stink because she thinks it's hilarious. They had to test it out of course.
We could not get enough of the Virtual Reality games! We may need to visit every 3 months.
Here's a weird video of me being the Virtual Reality person. I think I was destroying a city or something.
At the end of every VT game it takes a photo with the game's theme and this is the only one I remembered to take with my phone!
Day 4: Travel home
Heidi woke up SO EARLY. I took her out of her pack-n-play and just laid her down with me and we slept for another 2 hours - YAY! That was one of the best parts of the trip because I finally got some sleep. We were up SO LATE every night. Rainier was up early to start packing and we were out by 10am. We stopped at Dickey's for lunch and tried to get Heidi to run around as much as we could every time we stopped. Next time we travel we DEFINITELY need a portable DVD player for this kid! We had to stop at home first to drop off the dirt bike and our stuff to make room in the truck bed for Sophie, then we went to my parents' house to pick her up. It was a very needed trip! 
Yay, Sophie was so excited to see us! We missed her!

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