Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Heidi's First Year

We love our sweet, silly baby Heidi! She was born on January 4th, 2016 and she's just the best. Here are a few things about her that I want to remember!
Grandpa making Heidi laugh with a tissue!
The first 1-3 months of Heidi's life is kind of a blur. Lots of pictures, spit up, emotions, pizza, and not showering. It literally took the entire 6 weeks for me to feel better from birthing. Even at the 6 week appointment my body wasn't fully healed. You'd think 6 weeks would be enough but next time I'm waiting until at least 10-12 weeks before I start to do anything more than walking to the bathroom.
First time going to church! She was 2 months old.
Sleep: The first night home from the hospital was HEAVEN! I'm not being sarcastic even a little bit. I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep in 48 hours at the hospital and the first night home Heidi woke up every 2-3 hours so that sleep felt AMAZING! She kept this pattern for a long time! It wasn't until she was 6-7 months old that she slept for 5 hours straight. I didn't mind, as long as I got some sleep during her 12 hours I was good! Oh and she first slept through the night at 14 months old! And it wasn't until 15 and a half months ish that she was continually sleeping through the night. 
Heidi's first time swimming! It was at her Uncle Rocky's pool!

Naps: Ugh. I'm trying to not reminisce about this. Until she was about 8 months old, she would ONLY nap in my arms. I watched a LOT of TV. In the beginning she napped like a normal baby, and then around 2 months she starting taking a few 20-30 minute naps (in my arms still), and then ONE 20-30 minute nap a day. She finally started napping in her crib at 8-9 months and "Do xyz while she naps!" was not a thing in this house. I got a sandwich ready and she was up.  At 14 months she finally started napping longer than 30 minutes - usually 1-1 1/2 hours, but sometimes just 30 minutes depending on the day!
                                            Heidi spit up a LOT! Here's proof.

                                                         Heidi dancing at a restaurant!

                                                      Heidi's first time eating a lemon!

Breastfeeding: As soon as we got home from the hospital, she literally needed to eat every 
20 minutes. I'm NOT being sarcastic AT ALL. No one understands the emotional trauma that comes from this. I had to feed her, shower as fast as I could, and Rainier handed her to me to eat again while I was still drying off. She would scream her head off and when she got the boob she was SO happy. When she finished she was definitely satisfied and fell asleep so I know I didn't have a supply issue. We had a boobie-lover issue. This frequent feeding gave me major anxiety to be away from her. Every week the time between feedings increased by 5 minutes or so.  By the time she was 6 months old she was able to go an hour and half to 2 hours between feedings. People say all you do is feed the baby and in my case IT'S TRUE. 2 hours between feedings was HEAVEN when it finally happened. When she was barely less than a month old I developed Mastitis. I didn't get it as bad as others thankfully! I only felt really awful for a few minutes and it calmed down until we got medicine. Oh and until she was about 5 months old she spit up A LOT. You had to have a blanket if you held her because you DID get barfed on. It wasn't bothering her at all though so we didn't need medication or anything but sometimes I had to feed her again. (Yes, I was always starving.) The first time I was away from her she was 7 months old. It was only an hour, but I hated it! Rainier wasn't feeling well and I had to play organ for church so I had to feed her and leave her home with him. By then she was ok for that hour but I wasn't!  At 15 months old she transitioned to only nursing one time before bed. I'm so glad I was able to breastfeed for so long!
First time eating solids at 6 months old! Carrots!
Her first time in a crib and in her own room was at 7 months old!
At 3 months old she could finally fit in our bouncer and it was a game changer! Apparently she thought she liked broccoli.

Milestones: rolled over at 3 months (right before she was blessed actually!), laughed at 3 months (again right before she was blessed). She rolled the other way at 4 months, crawled at 5 and a half months, first tried food at 6 months but didn't like it so we waited until she was 7 months, then 8 and 9 months. She just wanted the boob! Her first food was carrots and then peas - didn't care for them much. I made all her food and she ate what we ate. She LOVED sweet potatoes. She started pulling herself up at 7 months, her first step was at almost 10 months, and full walking at 11 months ish. Her first tooth was at 7 months. She loved going up and down the stairs whenever she got a chance. Very adventurous and curious. Her first word was "dada," which she's only said that one time (as of May 21, 2017) when she was 11 months oldThat's all she said until after 1. Then came hi, bye, woof, mom (kind of), wow, ball, and uh oh.                     
Heidi's first time laughing! So glad we got that on camera!

First Halloween - she "accidentally" chewed through a Crunch bar! First time having chocolate!
          Heidi's first time taking more than 1 step! I love this dress!

First Christmas!
Trips: we went camping when she was 4 months old! It was hard. Because she was so young she had to be held all the time so that made things difficult. It was fun though! Next time I want to wait until the youngest kid is walking before camping. Feeding her every hour and a half or so was tiring when we wanted to spend time with family.
She LOVED watching the fire!
Always a cheeser!

Matching Harry Potter shirts! Her booty says, "Mischief Managed!"
Life became easier and "normal" when she was 3 months, and then easier at 6 months, and every month got easier. She was kinda needy and wanted to be held most of the time but still a happy baby that just loves attention. I used a Boba baby wrap to carry her around in for shopping and she slept a lot in it. Because she breastfed so often, going out of the house was difficult. I fed her in the car a LOT after arriving places so she wouldn't start screaming while at the store. Rainier did a lot of the grocery shopping. We love that he has 3 day weekends! Oh, he was able to get 8 weeks off after she was born so that was helpful. When she was 9 months old we had our first family photo session! It was so fun to be out in the mountains for photos.

Heidi was 9 months old for our first family photo session!
Personality: She was very determined from the beginning. At tummy time at about a month old she would try her hardest to move in any way possible. She's also very silly and wants everyone to make her laugh. She loved standing up! Sometimes the only thing that would make her happy is to stand her up. She loves being tickled! She mostly laughs at Sophie which is SO CUTE. The first time she laughed without us prompting her was watching Sophie just playing with a toy. That's it. It was adorable. She still thinks Sophie is the funniest thing in the world. She LOVES animals. Even the dirty pigeons at Smith's. She's very sneaky and knows how to roll her eyes and give death stares. Not sure if those are on purpose though. Her sassiness started to come out closer to 1 year old and hasn't stopped!

That face and those little teeth! She's so cute!
Heidi LOVED standing up! Rainier made up this song so when she was sad they did this and she was instantly happy.
Our year in 2016!
First Birthday: on her actual birthday we saw my dad in the hospital because he just had back surgery the day before. Almost 2 weeks after her birthday we had a last minute party with close friends and family. I knew she didn't really have friends, but it's hard to get out and see people so when kids are this young it's more for the parents to spend time with other adults. It was fun! I made a disgusting banana applesauce cake with Greek yogurt frosting that Heidi LOVED. I made chocolate cupcakes for everyone else. On her actual birthday is when she had pigtails for the first time. So cute!
Visiting Dad in the hospital on her first birthday and it was her first time wearing pig tails!
I cannot get this photo to work but I still want it here!

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