Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why have a blog?

It is important for me to have some sort of journal.  I want to have a record of important (and weird, silly, sad, random, awesome, and probably boring) events that happen in our life, and especially since we just got married it's a perfect time to start.  No one has time to physically write in journals, and with websites that make blog books to keep a physical copy of these entries, life just got so much easier! I am SO excited to put my favorite entries into a book accompanied with photos capturing those events.  

President Kimball, the 12th prophet of the LDS church, explains the importance of journals perfectly.
"On a number of occasions I have encouraged the Saints to keep personal journals and family records. I renew that admonition. We may think there is little of interest or importance in what we personally say or do—but it is remarkable how many of our families, as we pass on down the line, are interested in all that we do and all that we say."

(I know there are many more amazing quotes on the importance of keeping a journal but I want to keep this first post short.)  

Oh, and the scriptures are journals... pretty much the best journals ever.  What would we do without those?!

I have seen photo albums of my parents' lives, but it is hard to understand what happened without the words.  At this point I don't think they can even remember most of the details.  My siblings and I also have photo albums my parents made, but it's difficult to remember anything without a written explanation.  Words are important.  I want to know the feelings, quotes, and details of every event I want to record.  That's why I want to have a blog and have specific entries printed in a book. 

My husband doesn't understand blogs, but he understands handwritten journals.  I know that once we have kids and I blog about all the gross and awesome details of raising them and print them in a book with the photos, it will totally be worth it.  I know we will both enjoy looking back at our adventures and I am so excited to get started!