Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I've always loved Thanksgiving. Family, food, and whatever else we can fit in... every year is different! This year, we actually took family pictures! My mom took advantage that both my sisters AND their husbands could make it to Vegas this year so I helped her schedule a photographer and a time/place and we got it done! The last time family pictures happened I was probably 10 years old, so this was pretty exciting.  My sisters and their husbands (including my husband) don't understand the point of family pictures, but as stressful as it is, I love having them.  It's nice to see how we grow and change throughout the years.  Plus, they make good Christmas presents for grandparents! Here are a few of my favorites:

33.5 weeks pregnant!
Other things we were able to do:

- We (my sisters, one of their husbands, and my husband) saw Mockingjay Part 2.  LOVED IT! Even my husband liked it... probably because this last one had a LOT of action in it.  He read the books a long time ago while we were dating so he couldn't remember much, which meant he enjoyed it more than he thought because he couldn't see what was coming.  

- Thanksgiving x 2. We had Thanksgiving on the Tuesday before so that my husband could make it (he works graveyard Wednesday - Saturday) and then we had one on Thanksgiving Day so that my brother-in-law's brother could make it.  Definitely fun to have it twice! I think Thanksgiving should be held monthly!

- Games. Various card games, Clue, and games from apps on our iPhones that connected together. Always a good time.

- Meet baby Noah! My younger sister had her second baby in September so this was my first time meeting him! He's so squishy and cute! I love him! He had his baby blessing at my parents' house on the Sunday before Thanksgiving after church, which was also my birthday.  I'm glad we got to be there for that!

- Be part of Kaden's shenanigans. He's almost 3 years old and so much fun! Funny story: my dad was scratching Jadie, their toy poodle, and she was making a grunting sound and Dad said that she sounds like a pig.  Seconds later, I burp (inside myself of course haha) and Kaden says, after a few seconds of silence, "You a pig."  We were all crying from laughing... I love kids! 

             My husband's shoes          

My dad's elephant skin boots
It really stinks that my sisters live in different states, so I hope that it isn't too long before we can all get together again! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. So fun!!! Talk about laughing! Love it!!! Thank you for making us relive it, your Dad said...let's go see them! Love to all!